Issue Three

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The In Between

May/June 2016

Which children know as they change and then change again.
Trans: between.
We gently explore this concept by
looking at broken ceramics healed by gold
the belly inside a tiger
a bunny who overcomes his big anxieties
MUD, that murky, in-between substance,
and more.

Featuring thoughtful, heartfelt, innovative work by Amanda Beresford, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Sofi Dub, Amanda Ferris, David Gregal, Jr., Christine Hartzler, Chris Haske, Erin Huber, Abbigail Knowlton Israelsen, Julie Lambert, Lida Larina, Sabrina Lee, Emilee Lord, Lauren Luloff, Courtney Mandryk, Jennifer Metsker, Sarah Nishiura, Aaron Reid, Lisa Rogak, Elizabeth Ames Staudt, Barbara Campbell Thomas, and Stephen Warrington.

40 full-color pages of beauty and life.

[The 'target audience' for each magazine is children ages 2-7, or children who are being read to and/or are just learning to read — but because children are never far from their siblings and caregivers, we created a magazine that can be enjoyed by ALL age groups, 1-100.]

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