Issue Five

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I Open My Mouth and Birds Fly Out

September/October 2016

Welcome to the world of Root & Star, the magazine for the WHOLE child — the wise, the wild, the strange & the sweet.

We bring heartfelt literature and art to children all year long. Hooray!

In our fifth issue we celebrate the voice of children.

We think about how the world sings to and through these little beings we love so much.

We have activities that make noise out of nature, an ancient fable about a girl who loves her voicelessness, a song by a contemporary folk musician, a meditation on clucking chickens, and so much more.

We hope you find lots of beauty in the edging into autumn that also appears in this issue, and that you enjoy the magazine as much as we enjoyed making it!

Issue 5 includes amazing work by the best talent and heart we know, including:
Jeremy Charbonneau, Miles Debas, Amanda Ferris, David Gregal Jr., Christine Hartzler, Erin Huber, Robb N. JohnstonLida Larina, Sabrina Lee, Kay Leverton, Courtney MandrykBethann Garramon Merkle, Marianne Moore, Kevin Peterson, Aaron Reid, Chana Rothman, Atabey Sanchez-Haiman, and Kanjana Yotjan.

40 full-color pages of beauty and life.

The 'target audience' for each magazine is children ages 2-8, or children who are being read to and/or are just learning to read — but because children are never far from their siblings and caregivers, we created a magazine that can be enjoyed by all ages, from 1 to 100.

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