Editors' Choice Gift Set - Root and Star

Editors' Choice Gift Set

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Enjoy this hand-curated collection of some of our favorite issues from the past year. This collection of THREE special magazines also ships with the gift of a LUNAR CALENDAR for you and that special child in your life to hang on your wall! For just $24, this is the perfect gift for an art-loving, nature-seeking child and their family. 


Issue 8: Finding and Keeping (the collecting issue) 

This cover expresses our inner being! The collecting issue is about the things we are so passionate about that we can't get enough of them in our lives, on our shelves, in our treasure chests! This issue looks at the world and gathers beauty. We're excited to get to feature the work of Malaysian writer Preeta Samarasan, author of Evening Is the Whole Day; Dutch artist Erik Mattijssen; and two of our favorite American artists, Page Turner and Stephanie Dosen.



Issue 10: Born Free (the horse issue)


Horses have a magical place in childhood. They are freedom, they are wildness, they are mystery! The horse issue is air in our lungs, wind in our hair, clods of dirt kicked up by our feet! This issue's cover features the magical art of our Root & Star comic illustrator, Lida Larina, who inspires us every day!




Issue 12: Seeing in the Dark (the light/dark issue)


While we often love brightly colored covers, these paintings by Sarah McRae Morton made us feel contemplative at this time when the seasons are shifting and the light is waning. Join us as we consider the ways light enters our lives, and the way darkness can help us see.





Lunar Calendar

The moon is changing, and the skies are revolving! This lunar calendar will help you keep track of the waxing and waning. The luna moth will rest with quiet beauty on your wall all year.