The Nature Collection - Root and Star

The Nature Collection

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For children with animals and leaves and sunshine printed on their hearts, we offer The Nature Collection, featuring three issues of Root & Star that specifically celebrate:

Fossils! Our current issue is a time capsule. Buy it now, bury it, and come back in thirty years to look again at beautiful fabric art by UK-based Helen Thompson, who makes dogs come to life from linen and wire, and New Orleans artist Chris Roberts-Antieau, who stitches intricate canvases of myth and verdure.

Fish! Issue Four is our favorite from the first year of our magazine. Fish of every color, shape, and texture fill the oceanic pages.

Horses! Our tenth issue featured the mystery of these animals who have been so woven with human life. Horses are magic, they are knowing. This cover, featuring horses bundled in their blankets, is by Lida Larina, who draws the Root and Star comic for each issue.

This collection comes with a unique lunar calendar—a work of art that also teaches us about the moon-plus a packet of seeds that will turn into flowers that make bees happy!

Come see the beauty of nature through the eyes of Root & Star!

This gift collection has a value of $37 if you were to buy the items separately on our site, but we are selling it as a set here for $24. Enjoy!