Artist Post: Atabey Sánchez-Haiman

[Atabey-Sánchez-Haiman is a regular contributor to Root & Star.]
This is me when I was a little.
This is me now, with my little boy, who looks just like me when I was little. 
We like to go out for walks everyday. Enjoy nature, say hi to the neighbors and go to our local shops. 
When we get back home, we like to relax with a good book, watch our fish swimming in their little world and make some artwork. 
My art is bright, colorful and happy and almost exclusively orange, yellow and red because the combination of these colors make me smile. 
In my art I try to convey the things that matter to me. 
For example:
It is important to make mistakes. 
Mistakes, creativity and discovery go hand in hand. 
It is also very important to be kind. Kindness is essential and the key to a more peaceful world. 
Along with kindness, 
I believe empathy and compassion are crucial pieces of the puzzle when it comes to living in a world that is peaceful, productive and progressive. 
The Three P's to a better world :)
My art business is called Giraffes and Robots and my focus is to make Art that makes you Smile. 
Which is why I make dinosaurs in love wearing wooly hats and sharing doughnuts! 
Did it make you smile?
Besides making art, I love to display my artwork in new and creative ways, which is why I often make little scenes of Playmobil toys enjoying my art in the background. 
Here are a few of my favorites:
My Instagram account has many more!  @giraffesrobots
Thank you for taking the time to look at my work. 
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