Root & Star is dedicated to bringing quality art and literature to children and those who love them. 


Root & Star
  • is wise and wild, strange and sweet.
  • cultivates happy, healthy, peaceful, creative children.
  • is dedicated to creating an artful, quality, ad-free magazine that inspires the poetry of childhood.
  • takes children offline into the pleasure of pages they can touch, turn, share, and read in the grass.
  • preserves the sacred space of childhood.
  • nourishes parents with words and artwork as appealing to them as to their children.
  • is a community of artists and writers working to create something meaningful, rich, and relevant.
Courtney says: One day while working on an art assignment for a magazine while my friend was watching my children, my daughter pranced excitedly into my studio showing me some mail she had just received. Children love mail! I went back to drawing, and while I drew I thought about this: I have so many art and writing friends who are also parents. We were artists before we were parents, and this interplay of art and child-rearing is both beautiful and sometimes complicated. We all make work that we can share in some way with our children, and we are also short on time in this phase of our lives. Why not collaborate together, each working on a small piece, and as a whole it can be large and amazing? I thought about the children's magazines that I knew, and I felt that my friends and I could make something with even more depth and artfulness, with more soul and wildness--a beautiful magazine that parents and children alike could be excited to find in their mailboxes. I dreamt of a magazine with as much depth as the best of children's literature, and with as much playfulness and experimentation as the best ephemera. Root & Star was born.