What People Are Saying

We love when people tell us what they like about the magazine! Here are some bits of praise we have received.

My kids love this magazine! We always read it through for our homeschool poetry. I highly recommend it.

We've picked up two Root and Stars at bookstores and my two young boys have been entranced! Such a beautiful magazine.

I LOVE your magazine and keep it at my house for my grandkids. I can't bear to part with any issue. Each one is so inspiring and magical, both words and art. Thank you! 

I’m in love with the magazine. I find myself on every page--in every word. Thank you (all) for committing to create such beauty and meaning in our world. 

I read every word in Christine and Courtney’s children’s magazine.  I love all the creativity in it as well as the suggestions of activities the children can do. The magazine is unique in its special deeper sense from which Christine and Courtney write, and select for publication. There is a calmness and beauty that permeates the entire issue.

My family and I are so enjoying our subscription!...You ladies have created something of great beauty and magic.