Issue Eight - Root and Star
Issue Eight - Root and Star
Issue Eight - Root and Star
Issue Eight - Root and Star

Issue Eight

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Finding and Keeping

March/April 2017

Welcome to the world of Root & Star, the magazine for the WHOLE child—the wise, the wild, the strange, & the sweet. 

We bring heartfelt literature and art to children all year long. Hooray!

In our eighth issue, we explore the theme of collecting.

Do you feel that tension of wanting to have your house magazine-ready while your children want to hold onto every old toothbrush and button and box? This magazine is not the kind that minds a few collections! We ask these questions:

What do fairies carry in a seedpod purse?

If you sing to the ground, do the crocus bulbs hear you?

How can you become a rabbit just by looking at one?

What can hearts learn from long spoons?

Where is the broken bracelet from Paris?

Where is it? Where?

Issue 8 includes amazing work by the best talent and heart we know, including: e.e. cummings, Stephanie Dosen, David Gregal Jr., Christine Hartzler, Ernst Haeckel, Craig Hofheimer, Melissa Kaseman, Lida Larina, Courtney Mandryk, Erik Mattijssen, Bethann Garramon Merkle, Preeta Samarasan, Lindsay Shaffer, Becca Stadtlander, Page Turner, and Walt Whitman.

40 full-color pages of beauty and life.

The target audience for each magazine is children ages 2–8, or children who are being read to and/or are just learning to read—but because children are never far from their siblings and caregivers, we created a magazine that can be enjoyed by all ages, from 1 to 100.

Root & Star is published six times per year. Join us with one issue, or SUBSCRIBE here!